10 Chores Eliminated with Artificial Turf

As a homeowner, you are no stranger to immense household responsibilities. On top of your career and family life, you also have a property that also takes your time and effort. In the big scheme of things, yard work can sometimes fall at the bottom of your priority list yet the yard still has to get mowed, right? Actually no. Artificial turf is the perfect solution to eliminating chores off of your already large to-do list! When you make the decision to install artificial turf, you’re not only reducing chores, you’re also reducing extra costs associated with maintaining your lawn.

When it comes to enjoying your yard instead of having it be another thing to bog you down, artificial turf allows you to do just that. With artificial turf your chores become less, your maintenance costs become less and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your grass is taking care of itself.

Below are just some of the chores that you will eliminate when you install your artificial turf lawn…

  1. Mowing the Lawn

Whether you have a small lawn or a larger lawn, mowing your yard can be a daunting chore. To keep your yard looking pristine, it is not uncommon to mow it 2 or 3 times a month! If you don’t mow your own yard, the monthly expense of hiring someone to mow it can also be one more expense you have to worry about. With artificial turf, those worries will be a thing of the past. Once installed, artificial turf will never have to be mowed. It will remain a constant height no matter what the weather or climate. In addition to never having to mow again or pay a lawn service again, you’re also eliminating mower maintenance chores. You don’t have to find the time or money to go and get gas for your mower, or replace mower blades. Artificial turf allows you have a pristine yard all year long without ever cutting a blade of grass.

  1. Weed Control

Weeds are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They can overtake your yard and before you know it you have to spend hours and hours either weed eating, pulling them or killing them. Weed eating requires gas, oil, and new string, just more supplies to buy for this daunting chore. Pulling them takes precious time. Killing them takes time but also money, as you have to buy weed killer. In worst-case scenarios, you may even have to call in outside help, which is just another expense to stress about. With artificial turf, weeds do not exist, as they cannot grow in synthetic grass. So your weed associated chores will be eliminated!

  1. Sprinkler Installations and Upkeep

The first thing many new homeowners invest in is a sprinkler system to help keep their grass green and plush. With the initial investment of a sprinkler system comes research and hard work to get it set up. Then once you have it installed comes the constant maintenance. Artificial turf requires little to no water at all, therefore, you never need to install a sprinkler system. If you have one, you’ll never need to do routine maintenance on it again. Artificial turf doesn’t need water to flourish. Once you have artificial turf, dial back on the sprinkler chores and the sprinkler altogether!

  1. Filling Divots

Yards with high foot traffic, usually due to kids or pets, present a ton of chores for the homeowner. With high volume play comes holes and divots in natural sod lawns. Grass that has been worn can result in holes that need to be refilled with dirt. The chore of having to buy dirt and then refill those holes is not an easy one. Artificial turf however, allows for an even surface where heavy foot traffic is welcomed and will not result in any wear and tear for the foundation. When you install artificial turf, you’ll never have to refill a divot again.

  1. Spraying for Insects and Bugs

Fire ants and insects are common around most natural sod lawns. Any homeowner knows that to eliminate these rampant insects takes time and money. The chore of having to constantly apply killer around the yard is needed in order to maintain some kind of control against these insects. Artificial turf does not provide the type of surface for these ants and insects to thrive. Turf lawns have optimal drainage, so fire ants and insects will find it impossible to come up through those drainage holes and make a turf lawn home. Say goodbye to fire ant bites and grass inhibiting insects, but also say goodbye to all the chores associated with eliminating them when you install artificial turf.

  1. Maintain Bushes and Shrubbery

Trimming and edging are common chores associated with bushes and shrubbery on lawns. Although bushes and added plants can contribute to the aesthetic of a yard they can also add more upkeep. When you install artificial turf you’ll no longer need shrubbery to set your yard apart and therefore you’ll no longer have to edge or trim any bushes again.

  1. Watering Your Yard

A lot of homeowners never purchase a sprinkler system for their natural sod lawns. Those homeowners are used to having the chore of dragging out the water house and manually watering their lawns after dry conditions or laying seed. Artificial turf requires very little watering after installation and therefore the days of manual labor to water your grass will become a chore of the past.

  1. Bagging

When you install artificial turf you eliminate mowing. Without mowing you no longer have grass clippings to rake or bag, so check that off of your chore list!

  1. Reseeding

Reseeding is common for homeowners who are striving to get their lawn looking green and healthy. People spend endless hours applying turf builder in the hopes that their lawn looks inviting. Artificial turf allows you to get that end result as soon as it’s installed. Artificial turf requires no seeding or watering in order to ensure you have a plush lawn.

  1. Fertilizing

Warmer climates make it harder to keep your grass looking its best. Many people add fertilizing to their yard work chore list as a way to keep their grass looking pristine. Artificial turf requires no fertilization and no effort to do so. Your turf lawn will look green and plush as soon as it’s fitted to your yard and installed.

Stop wasting your life away with all of these chores and start using that time enjoying your beautiful lawn instead. Get the yard of your dreams by installing artificial turf today.