Coachella Valley Artificial Grass Water Rebates


Get up to $4 per square foot rebate! The city of Palm Springs provides extra funding for their program. Palm Springs residents and businesses can now get more money to remove their grass and replace it with synthetic grass.

In addition to DWA’s $3 per square foot incentive, the city of Palm Springs will contribute an additional $1 for a total of $4 per square foot. The city of Palm Springs approved $1.15 million for the program this fiscal year. The additional funds are available for Desert Water Agency customers within Palm Springs city limits. Other Coachella valley cities can receive a $2 per square foot rebate directly from CVWD- Coachella Valley Water District.

With more than 70 percent of the water in the Coachella Valley being used outdoors, artificial grass is a great way for a property owner to save water. Converting water-intensive grass areas can also help save money in the long run with lower water bills.

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Artificial Grass Rebates