Lose The Insects By Installing An Artificial Turf Lawn

Are you tired of swarming ants, swatting away mosquitoes or dodging flies? Insects make it difficult to enjoy a warm afternoon or evening outside at your home.

You can solve this pesky insect problem by choosing Estate Greens artificial grass. Estate Greens offers landscaping solutions at your home that minimizes the water that attracts pesky insects but provides you with a healthy-looking, soft synthetic turf. Synthetic grass is always ready for relaxing or play.

Your Estate Greens team will install artificial lawn grass to help with any insect problem. No soil and less water make artificial turf less attractive to pests. Rather than a soil base, fake grass has a rubber infill, which is no place for insects to live and survive. Your bug numbers will go down significantly by installing a synthetic lawn.

With fewer bugs, you have less maintenance and no chemical pesticides. You will not have to worry about treating your grass, yard or deck with toxins to get rid of annoying insects. You save money and time, while avoiding a health risk.

Plus, Estate Greens turf brands, such as FieldTurf, are designed and installed with superior drainage capabilities so there are no puddles or mud to be found. With no standing water or muddy areas, you won’t attract neary as many mosquitoes. Synthetic grass lawns are mostly insect-free, but also:

  • Comfortable, soft and plush to the touch;
  • Safe;
  • Natural looking; and
  • Low maintenance.

Don’t wait until you’re annoyed with insects for another season. Call the Artificial Grass Marketing Machine today for a quote on artificial turf installation at your home. That way, you can enjoy pleasant, insect-free time outside.