Unique Designs

Unique Designs

Design options using artificial grass are limited only by your imagination. You can use Estate Greens synthetic turf indoors as well as outdoors. Sure, you can use our fake grass to create stunning landscapes, safe playground surfaces, home or commercial golf courses, ball fields, dog parks and courts for everything from bocce ball to badminton.

But why stop there? Artificial grass doesn’t even have to be green.

Traditional uses with a twist:

  • Driveways, roadway medians and fire lanes – inset artificial turf with pavers for a beautiful look and reliable drainage
  • Green balconies and rooftops – cover your area or create a rug for seating or eating areas
  • Indoor flooring for entryways, sun rooms, man caves, and kids’ rooms


Non-traditional uses that can grab attention or simply add fun:

  • Whimsical indoor or exterior vertical walls
  • Outdoor furniture or cushions – you can cover almost anything
  • Infill between stone walkway or patio pavers
  • Full-color corporate logo, inset in lawn at ground level or for rooftop advertising
  • Cut-out shapes – logos, letters, animals, etc.