Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Turf for Dogs and Pets

Dogs are beloved members of your family, but they can sure make a mess of your lawn and home. Installing artificial turf for your dogs will help you maintain a beautiful yard, without the yellow or bare patches and prevent your dogs from digging holes. And, you will finally eliminate those dreaded muddy paws! Estate Greens artificial grass is designed specifically for dogs. Pets and their owners all love our dog grass because it looks and feels like a real lawn, ensuring a pleasant, safe environment for pets and people to play together.

Our synthetic turf for dogs remains clean and beautiful because it’s durable enough to withstand even the most active pets.

Our unique drainage system is more efficient, so urine drains right through. It’s also easy to pick up, or hose away the waste.

Synthetic grass requires only minor maintenance and, best of all, it’s readily available 365 days a year. Periodic cleaning with industry leading Oxyturf products.

Why Choose Estate Greens

  • No more unsightly mud, bare spots and yellow grass
  • No more holes in your lawn
  • Dogs love the soft, ‘real grass’ feel and footing
  • Keeps your pet’s paws clean which means less dirt will be tracked into your home
  • With Estate Greens artificial grass for dogs, your yard is always available and inviting, ready for relaxation or play instead of costly maintenance.